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The Colour of Beauty

Chapter 3 of Reel Canada focuses on racism and discrimination. It opens with a reading passage about Jane Elliott’s controversioal experiment in Iowa in 1968; looks at hate crime statistics in Canada; features the documentary (see below), The Colour of Beauty, about the obstacles on the way of a black fashion model in New York, as well as a listening comprehension exercise on the play, Les Mains Noirs (Black Hands) about Marie Joseph Angelique, a slave in 19th century Montreal. There is also a writing exercise based on Howard Griffin’s book, Black Like Me.

Colour of Beauty ,The by Elizabeth St. Philip, National Film Board of Canada

My Grandmother Ironed the King’s Shirts

Torill Kove, the Oscar-winning director of the Danish Poet, tells a tall tale about her grandmother’s role in the Norwegian resistance during the Second World War. This beautiful animated film is the nucleus of the 7th Chapter in Reel Canada. For the detailed lesson plan see Chapter 7′s Page on the website.

My Grandmother Ironed the King’s Shirts by Torill Kove, National Film Board of Canada