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O Canada at CALL Conference

CALL (The College Association of Language and Literacy) 2011 Annual Conference (May 25-27) was hosted successfully at Algonquin College in Ottawa this year and I had the privilege of presenting to my colleagues from across Ontario. I also got a chance to attend several other interesting presentations and events including Patti Church’s workshop on Personal Branding during which Patti explored approaches students could use to go beyond a resume and increase their visibility.

at CALL Conference
With Jowi Taylor at CALL Conference

I also attended Jowi Taylor’s presentation of the Six String Nation Guitar one more time and found it as fascinating as before. Other memorable moments were Mary Wiggin’s storytelling session and Missy Burgess’s live performance of several beautiful songs.

Thanks to all conference organizers especially to Jack Wilson, Dianna McAleer and Cecelia Taylor. 

Where to Teach Abroad

STOW, Mass.,, a leading TESOL and TEFL certification and job placement program for instructors who teach English abroad, announced today it has released a new informational article titled “Where Should I Teach English Abroad?  Comparing Teaching Opportunities in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.”  The article discusses the opportunities for cultural immersion, new language acquisition, paid travel, cultural idea exchange, and professional success building.

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Linguistics in an ESL Classroom

Linguistics is rarely taught in high schools — never mind in ESL classrooms, where differences in students’ native languages and English abilities can often pose additional challenges.

In fall 2008, Daniel Ginsberg, an English as a Second Language teacher at a public high school in Malden, Mass., approached MIT professor, Wayne O’Neil, asking about incorporating linguistics into his curriculum to allow students to compare and contrast English with their native languages.

The curriculum developed for the Malden class included four main modules: noun pluralization, language acquisition, writing systems and translation.

In a paper appearing in the May issue of the journal Language and Linguistics Compass, Ginsberg, Honda and O’Neil outline the theory, practice and impact of their pedagogical approach.

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