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Google Translate: a Curse or a Blessing

Recently, I have been receiving student email and writing assignments that have obviously been written in their first language and then machine-translated.

Here’s an example (original language: French):

Goog Day,
My name is Xyz. I am a student at The City in the group on Thursday morning. I was missing the last two weeks due to family constraints. Right now I am trying to revise the lessons that I missed. I also like to ask you to please give me some time to prepare my presentation. I beg leave to submit the final day of court on 26 April 2012.
I would be most grateful to me the modules I have to do on computer to complete my homework.
Thank you for your understanding and wish you a good day.


I find more students are using Google Translate instead of a dictionary in class. I know some teachers are using Google Translate as a learning tool with their students.  Do you think Google Translate is a curse or a blessing?  How do your students use it?